Greenroots Company, is a registered commercial farm that is based in the Eastern Region in a town called Ofadaa in the West Akim District, but with a growing presence in the Northern region of Ghana. The company currently owns 160 hectares (400 acres) farmland for our commercial Pineapple production, and leases over 160 hectares of land in the Northern region, with strong growth prospect's to increase production capacity. The Greenroots brand is committed to consistently providing finest, high-quality products, while protecting the environment in which its products are grown and processed. We expect to be recognized by our customers and consumers for delivering the highest quality of products that beat their expectation. Thus, Greenroots’ dedication to finest and high-quality products is a commitment solidly backed by strong state-of-the-art production technologies and innovation, strict quality control measures and adherence to food safety standards.

Our Mission

Contribute enormously to global food security
Harness skills in agribusiness to promote job creation
Generate profit for stakeholders by supplying healthy fruits to customers.
Turn the company into a reliable and dependable alliance.

Our Vision

To grow substantially to become a brand in commercial agricultural production.

Our Values


There is no growth without responsibility. We take responsibility for our area of focus and will commit to excellence.


Action proves words; hence we walk the talk. We vow to a consistent, honest and reliable way of action, conducting ourselves in an ethical manner and act as a good corporate citizen in all communities.


Cultural is a heritage. We appreciate other individuals with their own cultural identities, believes and traditions. We embrace all differences to promote peace and respect.

Team Spirit

We understand the need for high-spirited collaborating team. We put all differences aside and work together as a great team for a common goal. At Greenroots’, we actively work together to contribute to overcoming challenges.


Open communication clears doubt, unnecessary interruptions and delays. We provide the full information required and we communicate openly and sincerely. We are open to feedback from co-workers, customers and consumers.


The ability to incorporate modern practices and procedures to produce and cultivate the best products which are world class in standard is our philosophy. Developing a team that can have attention to detail and automated processes to detect problem areas and address rapidly is our philiosophy.

Partners & Affiliates

These are some trusted partners and affiliates of Greenroots.

The Great minds behind Greenroots

The passionate team behind Greenroots are Industry Experts in their own rights.

Kwame Bekoe

Kwame Bekoe


Aviation executive specializing in sales and marketing with a passion for agriculture and interest in applications of emerging technologies.

Francis Monnie

Francis Monnie

Managing Director

Proficient in handling agricultural issues and conducting research using engineering and technological principles, Farmer, writer and an entrepreneur.

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