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We are an agricultural company based in the pineapple growing - Eastern region of Ghana, with a focus on the production of 3-distinct types of pineapples, namely MD2, Smooth cayenne and Sugarloaf. Our differentiator is the ability to be more digital, mechanized, whilst introducing automation to improve our processes and procedures.



MD2 hybrid was developed to satisfy a market looking for exceptional sweetness as well as uniformity and consistency in size and ripeness. MD2 has now replaced Smooth Cayenne world-wide except for some small areas of production in Africa. It is now grown in several countries with Costa Rica by far being the leading producing country. MD2 has medium to large fruit (1.3 - 2.5 kg) cylindrical fruits with an intense yellow color. The clear yellow pulp is sweet, compact and fibrous. It is high in sugar (15 -17 o Brix) and ascorbic acid but lower in total acid than Smooth Cayenne.

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Smooth Cayenne

Smooth Cayenne Pineapple Smooth Cayenne is a Hawaiian variety and one of the most widely grown pineapple varieties in the world. It has 3 foot long leaves with a few spines at the top and base. It has large fruits (1,5 -2.5 kg) and suitable for fresh processing. The fresh is pale yellow, soft and juicy, with high sugar of (13-19 o Brix) and acid content. 'Smooth Cayenne' is well adapted to canning and processing.

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Sugar Loaf has a dark green skin even when ripe and a creamy white interior fruit. The Sugar loaf variety is much thinner, taller and has a low acid with mildly sweet flavor. It has a conical fruit shape, with average fruit weight range from 0.5 - 2.0 kg. Commonly seen in the local market, sugar loaf does well in the tropics and it's more suitable to the Ghanaian weather unlike other varieties.

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Soybean (Glycine max) is an annual leguminous species cultivated mainly for its seed. It is used in a variety of industries, providing products for human consumption, livestock feed and industrial purposes. Soybean seed consists of 35% carbohydrate, 5% ash, 40% protein and 20% oil; and is a major source of protein and oil for commercial products. It is also used to produce a high protein animal feed. The soy proteins have the highest nutritional value of all the plant proteins for human food, being particularly high in lysine. Soybean provides about 64 percent of the world’s oilseed meal supply and is the major source of oil, accounting for about 28 percent of total production (USDA, 2000). Soybean crop is seen to be useful for the sustainability of the major cereal based cropping systems in the world.

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Greenroots seeks to deliver the highest quality of pineapples for the local and international market, utilizing the best in international standards and procedures. Our mission is to operate in a sustainable economic, social manner. We establish close ties with exporters, juice producers and different stakeholders in the industry in order to create a productive environment for the entire sector, as well as boosting employment and socio-economic development in the local communities with which we operate.

Our Values


There is no growth without responsibility. We will take responsibility for our area of focus and will commit to excellence.


Action proves words; hence we will walk the talk. We vow to a consistent, honest and reliable way of action, conducting ourselves in an ethical manner and act as a good corporate citizen in all communities.


Cultural is a heritage. We appreciate other individuals with their own cultural identities, believes and traditions. We embrace all differences to promote peace and respect.

Team Spirit

We understand the need for high-spirited collaborating team. We put all differences aside and work together as a great team for a common goal. At Greenroots’, we actively work together to contribute to overcoming challenges.


Open communication clears doubt, unnecessary interruptions and delays. We provide the full information required and we communicate openly and sincerely. We are open to feedback from co-workers, customers and consumers.


The ability to incorporate modern practices and procedures to produce and cultivate the best products which are world class in standard is our philosophy. Developing a team that can have attention to detail and automated processes to detect problem areas and address rapidly is our philiosophy.

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Greenroots’ dedication to finest and high-quality products is a commitment solidly backed by strong state-of-the-art production technologies and innovation, strict quality control measures and adherence to food safety standards.

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